Two peope jumping with joyIntegrity, honesty, and kindness are important to me. Having a lively, respectful, intelligent conversation with friends is my passion. Add some good food and I’ll move mountains to be there.

Why? Well, when I reflect on happy memories, they often include other people, laughter, and sharing. Sharing food, stories, couches, campfires, and time together. These are things that are important to me. How about you?

I named this website Think Play Do Live because that’s how I operate, and I’d like to coach you to discover happiness this way too.


  • Think about ideas, feelings, yourself.
  • Think about your hopes for the future.
  • Think deeply and widely.


There are two aspects to this.

  • Play around with ideas. Think about what would happen if you had a different job. Or if you could travel the world. What would happen if you ate dessert before dinner or wore your pajamas to work?
  • And just play like a child. Play a game or some music. Joke around with friends. Hang out at the beach. Do something that isn’t too serious. Have fun. 


  • Then actually eat dessert before dinner. Go for a run. Apply for that new job. Start a business with the friends you made playing games. Move all your ex’s stuff to the curb.
  • The point is to actually take some action. Do something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be practical or perfect.


  • When you’ve thought about yourself, been playful, and done some stuff, you’ll find that you are living.
  • With authenticity, satisfaction, and joy.

In the longer term, I believe you can increase your calm, happiness, satisfaction, and overall joy by examining what really matters to you and doing more of it. Let’s connect.

Happy puppy with tongue out sitting in toddler swing.

“Working with Mai Lon truly assisted me in changing my perspective on life, and through employing real life tools (corny jokes for example) empowered me to recognize that I have the ability to change my emotional experience at any given time.”