Smiling woman, Mai Lon

But who am I, you’re probably asking?

I’m someone here to help you move forward. My name is Mai Lon Brosseau (yes, my first name is two words, one name). Friends say I’m generally quiet but a deep thinker. I have the abilities to spot the anomaly and to ask the tricky question. I observe, analyze, and innovate. And gently push you in a positive direction.

I’m no-nonsense, action-oriented, and hopeful. I’ve lived life from a number of perspectives. Single, married, divorced, with and without kids. In a career and as a homemaker. I’ve felt isolated, suffered from self-doubt, and had no one to talk to. But I think that when life throws you a curveball, do what you can with it, yet don’t stress too much if you miss it. There will be another. And if it was the last pitch of the game, and your team just lost, I’m sorry. Then go celebrate anyway as hopefully you had fun playing.

My core values are:

  • Always act with integrity.
  • Respect all people as people with value.
  • Be kind, even when disagreeing.
  • Look for wonder all around me.
  • Learn new things.
  • Trust and value myself, my opinions and desires.
  • Make the world better, or at least not worse.

I have suffered loss and found that life goes on and if you let it, happiness can come again. Especially if you seek it out. So be forward looking and let me help you in order to help the world overall increase its joy.

Let’s connect and see what we can do for you.

Mai Lon looking at camera, with forested hiking trail in the background

“Mai Lon has a unique ability to listen and recognize what you need in any given time. “